"We hadn't thought about using a designer until our contractor suggested it. Yamini made many helpful suggestions and was prompt with responses when we had questions. We are going to have her help us with updating some other areas of our home. Yamini has many sources for things you need and is helpful in coordinating appointments and guiding you through the selection process. We are very glad we used Yamini's services. Our finished spaces are beautiful and functional."
—Bobbie Mentzel



"Yamini brings superb expertise and professionalism to the job. In designing our kitchen from the ground up, she offered insightful design options from tile to flooring—always keeping our budget and personal taste in mind. Her attention to detail and excellent communication with contractors were at the highest level. Yamini stays up at night worrying about your home improvement project so you don't have too!"
—Laura Foster and Scott Pitkin




"Yamini is a great designer. She is organized, smart, thorough, and a great resource for your project. She was a great collaborator and gave excellent advice."
—Rachel V.




"It was an absolute pleasure working with Yamini. She was exactly what I needed, someone with the skills and vision to take my undeveloped ideas and turn them into a fantastic new master bath. She is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and worries about every detail of the project. Highly recommended!"
—Kurt Bretthauer




"We remodeled several areas of our home and Yamini helped with much of the design, colors, materials, etc. We also engaged her to completely redesign our 1982 master and guest baths. The floors had carpet, toilets were pink, etc. Yamini drew up several designs for the rooms and brought a couple of ideas for us to review. All of them were great, so we had a hard time picking our favorite! We did not have time to spend away from work selecting materials, so Yamini listened to what we wanted and brought back a few material samples for us to preview and pick from. That was a big time saver for us.

Yamini was very easy to work with and kept in mind our budget and what we wanted in the room. But, she also shared her ideas, many of which we decided to use and ultimately loved. That created a sense of trust with her work! Now that our home remodeling construction has finished, we are working with her on some decorating ideas and picking furniture. I would definitely recommend Yamini Designs for any home remodeling or decorating project." —Christan Royer

"For several years we had been thinking about remodeling our kitchen, but were not sure where to start. While attending the Bloomington Home Improvement Show, Yamini’s name came up in several conversations, and we thought we should visit her booth. Our first conversation with Yamini that day left us with such a positive impression that we decided to ask for her help designing our new kitchen.

Yamini prepared a room plan and several cabinet design options incorporating her creative talents and sense of style combined with our desire for a pleasant, modern, durable kitchen. She was great at taking our ideas and combining them with her experience to create a stylish yet timeless kitchen. Her ability to bring all the functional and decorative elements together was invaluable. Yamini was always available to answer questions, discuss new ideas and guide us through the remodeling process.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Yamini and consider her as much a friend as a client. This was our first experience working with a designer and it was a very positive experience. We hope to use Yamini for future design projects in our home." —Gene and Laura Kremer

"Yamini has gone above and beyond what we expected in a designer.She tailored our NYC apartment to reflect not only our taste, but also what is practical for our lifestyle. We interviewed several designers based out of New York and Philadelphia. Yamini was the only one who understood what we wanted and was extremely helpful with suggestions that fit our taste.

She is well connected with furniture makers, fabric companies and retail stores. Her vast connections helped us often find less expensive or better quality materials than most high-end retailers carry. Yamini did most of the work remotely completing it in-house with the knowledge of what to do and where to go in a city she does not live in!" —Parul Jajoo.

"Yamini helped us update our kitchen to a wonderful, bright space that our entire family enjoys. We had done a previous kitchen remodel, and had a pretty good idea what we wanted in this one. Despite this, we are so glad we hired Yamini to help us with our design.

She worked with our ideas and evolved them into something above and beyond what we were expecting. She had ideas for features that we never would have thought of. She was also able to greatly accelerate our shopping and decision making, saving us a lot of time and getting our project done much more quickly." —Heather Hundley

"Yamini created a spa-like master bath design for me, including a custom vanity and wood panels surrounding the jacuzzi tub. It's fabulous!" —Mary Henderson

"I really enjoy working with Yamini. She pays attention to the small details that make such a big difference in the final project.

My kitchen is gorgeous and much more functional because of her contribution to the project. She took my builder’s plans and reconfigured the kitchen floor plan to create more work area, storage and better traffic flow. She strategically designed the cabinetry to turn awkward angles into usable space.

Yamini was very quick to learn my tastes and to make suggestions that helped me confidently make good color and design choices. She also gives me as much or as little input depending on what decisions I need to make for my home." —Claire Walczak.

"Yamini helped me define areas of my home that needed design attention. She provided custom drapery and furnishings in areas that complimented the unique architecture of the house and developed design solutions that met the wishes and needs of our family.

In addition to selecting stylish furnishings, Yamini custom designed furniture that utilized and enhanced some of the challenging areas in our home. For example, she took an unused corner of our family/billiard room and made it functional by adding a custom designed banquette and ottomans to create a comfortable seating and game area.

Yamini also designed a fantasy, space-themed bedroom for my son that included custom designed rocket ship headboards, custom wall painting, coordinating bedding and custom upholstery, all of which reinforced the space concept and harmonized with architecture of the room.

Yamini’s interior design skills are complemented by her focus on customer service. Her hands-on approach and thorough presentations, which included line-item budgets for each project, made it easy to make informed decisions.

Her willingness to take that extra step for her clients made the whole process, from design concepts to installation, a breeze.” —Peter Dvorak.

"Yamini’s focus on problem solving and her creativity and guidance helped me overcome the daunting task of decorating my four story home that resembled a vanilla box. Never having worked with an interior designer, I must have been quite a handful because I was unable to visualize colors and textures. This didn't stop Yamini, instead it motivated her to find new ways to help me "see" what she saw. Yamini took my layman’s descriptions of what I didn't like and miraculously translated them into what I did like, providing a cost-effective and beautiful solution in every room of my home. For instance, my neighbors are in awe of the sheers that provide an ethereal frame to the large two story front window. I am in awe of how reasonable it was to have Yamini custom design and install them.

Yamini spent the time to learn about my family and designed our house to complement our lifestyle. For instance, when we couldn’t find the right ottoman for the family room, she designed one with a glass inset that also functions as a cocktail table. She also designed an upholstered headboard for my daughter’s bedroom that houses recessed lighting and softly illuminates the sloped ceiling. Yamini's designs are intuitively timeless. They are long-lasting and aesthetically appealing.

It’s been several years since my project was completed, yet I still love the design…and regularly receive compliments about my home! To sum it up, Yamini’s background in hotel design and her ability to value-engineer high-end looks on a not so high-end budget has made working with Yamini a joy. I highly recommend Yamini for any decorating project--commercial or residential."—Mary Pettinato.

"Our home was built in 1974, and was considered one of the few contemporary homes being built at that time. Our architect/designer had some unique ideas about which rooms were important and which rooms were only functional...our bathrooms. It was time to remodel and our 4 1/2 foot by 3 foot powder room was the first to get help. Not knowing where to begin, I decided to call Yamini. We had met years before when Yamini came to Bloomington and I was her realtor. After a tour of our living areas,a long discussion with us, and measurements in hand, Yamini went off excited about the challenge. When we met again, she had drawn out a floor plan showing the perfect glass corner sink, wall mirrors, a high efficiency commode, a color for the walls, new floor tiles and a " bit of bling" in the new ceiling lamp. In the end, it has turned out to be our "WOW" room.

When Yamini came to Bloomington, I was very impressed with her knowledge of home design. She was able to picture the potential that each house had and how it would suite her family. When I was having difficulty selling a large home, she was invaluable.. Within an hour, she transformed the look of the main rooms just by using what was already there. She also gave me more ideas about some improvements. Presenting her ideas, I was able to convince the owners what needed to be done to sell their home. After a small bit of remodeling, we had an offer to purchase." —Mary Gajewski

"We originally approached Yamini requesting some color direction for our hair salon. Our partners and the stylists had many different opinions on color. Yamini really helped narrow down the choices and eventually came up with a field color and accent color for the walls that reflects our taste, works with the existing flooring and trim, and is complimentary to all skin tones, which is very important in a salon setting.

In the process, Yamini created a great design plan, which included a floor plan of the space and furniture and finish selections, as well as color selections. Her presentation included a line-item budget that showed us what we were able to do immediately and also what we could implement through time.

We have really enjoyed working with Yamini and appreciate that she took our combined tastes, salon requirements and budget into consideration". —Nelda, Betty and Waiw, Elan Salon, Bloomington, IN

"Yaminidesigns, LLC created an elegant, serene, and inviting space for our clients at Enlighten Wellness Yoga Lifestyle Studio in Bloomington, Indiana. Yamini's design work is without compare, stellar in every way!

Yamini was always ready with tasteful design choices, while allowing us to make the final decisions without pressure. She encouraged our ideas and participation in all aspects of the job and followed through with support and direction, helping us to complete the work in a timely fashion. She was conscientious and precise, double-checking all her measurements and reviewing all design choices in the actual space and with her vendors. Her attention to detail allowed us to use our small studio space most efficiently and she consistently found unique yet functional items for extraordinary design appeal. She also thoroughly researched selected products and building codes to insure we were meeting local commercial standards. Finally, she worked well with the general contractor, often helping to coordinate purchases and oversee site construction by subcontractors.

Overall, Yamini's approach to the project was totally professional, both highly practical yet exceptionally aesthetic. The service provided was above and beyond our highest expectations. The project cost was very reasonable, especially given the quality of service provided. I will use Yaminidesigns' services again for all my design projects and recommend them to my family, friends, and business associates." —Tanja Bisesi, Enlighten Wellness Yoga Studio, Bloomington, IN